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EMPI Engine Battle Dyno Procedures

Competitors will ship their complete and ready-to-run engines to EMPI Anaheim to arrive no later than Friday June 7 and EMPI will pay for one-way shipping from competitors’ shop to EMPI Anaheim.
Competitor order on the dyno will be drawn at random, Please see slide 8 for more details on the schedule.
Sunoco high-octane fuel will be provided for all competitors (100+ octane or equivalent).
Competitor’s engine must mount directly to the provided VW dyno mount, no mounting modifications will be permitted.
Competitor’s engine must be completely self-contained, and all engine elements must be directly attached to the engine.
Once securely attached to the Stuska, each competitor engine is allowed 30 minutes to test, tune and complete a maximum of (3) dyno pulls EMPI will provide an engine technician and dyno operator and livestream the entire competition on YouTube
After 30 minutes has elapsed, the competitor engine will be removed and the next competitor will be up
The winning engine will deliver the highest total horsepower figure divided by the total displacement of the engine
Any ties will be broken by highest TQ divided by total displacement of the engine

Regional prizes are as follows:

1st place $1500,

2nd place $1000

3rd place $500 cash

Regional winners and first runners-up will advance to the finals at the EMPI Open House June 15th where the Champion will be crowned.

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